BaBBA campaigns against the breeding and selling of rabbits as pets, promotes adoption over purchase and supports reputable rescue centres.

Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK, yet the most misunderstood and neglected. Thousands of rabbits end up in rescue centres every month, after being bought on a whim, neglected or abandoned. Many more are resold online, given away, passed from pillar to post, typically kept alone in small cages or hutches, deprived of exercise, companionship and veterinary care.

BaBBA believes that education alone will not solve the current rabbit welfare issues. Education doesn’t reach everyone. There are too many rabbits and not enough good homes. Rabbits are also used as breeding machines to supply the pet trade, confined to small spaces, away from the public eye.
BaBBA calls for a ban on breeding as well as online advertising and selling in pet shops. The links to the petitions can be found on the website. T-shirts and car stickers will be available to buy at the festival.

BaBBA was KVF’s chosen animal charity last year and very much looks forward to being back this year to promote rabbit rights! Please come and say hello!

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