Liberty Loves


Liberty Loves – Hi, I’m Sam – baker, creator and founder of Liberty Loves. After becoming a single parent, I decided I wanted a job where I could spend as much time as possible with my six-month old daughter Liberty but still do something I love. Baking was an obvious choice, so I started trading at Greenwich Market, London in late 2013 with a range of six flavours of dark chocolate brownies. I moved to Somerset in January 2014 and within six weeks traded at my first farmers’ market with Somerset Farmers’ Markets. With my daughter in pre-school, I embraced farmers’ markets across Somerset and Dorset and quickly realised there was a demand for gluten-free cakes that didn’t taste like cardboard!

Listening and talking to customers made me realise that there was a massive gap for truly amazing cakes for people suffering from allergies. So, in July 2014, I developed a vegan, gluten-free brownie recipe that EVERYONE craves – whatever their food preference. The next fourteen months was spent tweaking existing recipes to reduce sugar content and working on new products that would be as raw and natural as possible. Thus, my range of raw, gluten-free and sugar-free tarts was born.

We specialise in raw, vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free sweet treats, cookies, biscotti and nut butters - so good everyone can eat!!

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