Nature’s Way Holistic

Natures Way Holistic Foods   has evolved and  been nurtured from  recognising a need for more alternative ‘‘ Free From’’ foods being made available for those of us who can’t eat  the usual foods .Those of us that are Vegan  its incredibly difficult to find food we can eat when we attend events, foods festivals and markets etc, thus a need for  equality,  choice and diversity  and ethical eating, but also  a  love  for tasty and amazing  food !

From  my personal experience from attending  events,  I found it hard to find food I could eat that was vegan friendly and  cruelty free together with an understanding there is also an increase in the amount of  people discovering they have food allergies and intolerances. Some people have preferences to eat more healthy and move to plant based  vegan diet.  There is a growing need to provide a variety of food choices that everyone can eat  at any event.

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