Jodie Kent
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My name is Jodie Kent and I am Co-founder of VeganMe, which is an online platform aimed at inspiring and educating people to expand their circle of compassion by pursuing a plant-based lifestyle.
As a vegan for over 3 and a half years and a vegetarian for 20 before that, I have spent all of my adult life trying to help the world’s most vulnerable and exploited beings: the animals. I share my home with seven rescue cats and two rescue guinea pigs. It is basically my idea of heaven:)

Writing has always been my greatest passion and I began, early on, to interweave my cultural, political and philosophical views into my poetry. To me, writing is a way to not only express my feelings, but to evoke emotions in others. From poetry about the dairy and meat industry to environmental issues, I always attempt to bring change through words.

I am currently in the process of securing a book deal for my debut novel and, when I am not writing, I am creatively helping with VeganMe, which you can follow on Facebook and Instagram
I look forward to performing my set and sharing my words with you at The Kent Vegan Festival.
Love and Peace
Jodie 🌱

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