Our Team

Meet our fantastically committed team. We are always on the lookout for more people to help with our events and for ideas for new events. Please see our volunteer section for more information.

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Jo Kidd is our founder and lead organiser. Jo is a lifelong community activist and has been vegan since 2003 and was veggie for 21 years before that.

Jo set up Canterbury Vegans and Kent Vegan Parenting.

Jo and her husband, Terry, are the founders of the Abbot’s Mill Project in Canterbury and previously co-founded Skillnet Group (now called Bemix), both social enterprises.

They are also in the process of setting up a veganic (vegan, organic) farm (Vegan Organics Kent) near Faversham. They have a 7 year old daughter and the whole family is vegan.


Terry Conrad Thompson is our site manager and lead technician. Terry is a co-founder (along with his wife, Jo Kidd) and the Technical Director of the Abbot’s Mill Project.

Terry has been vegan since 2003. He was raised on a small-holding so has seen first-hand how animals are treated by the meat and dairy industries.

Terry is passionate about all elements of sustainability, including non-centralised, renewable energy, eco-building and sustainable transport and has initiated several local projects to further these areas.


Teresa Sinclair is our annual festival stallholder coordinator. Teresa has been vegan since 1987, has many years’ experience campaigning on animal rights issues and is passionate about the environment and the plight of our native butterflies and bees – reflected in her having had a wildflower nursery for a number of years.

She now runs an eco-friendly wedding business and works with businesses who want wildflower seed-related products for their promotional events. www.wildflower-favours.co.uk


Jo Cole is helping with our Facebook pages.

Jo has been vegan since 2004, initially because of animal cruelty, then for all the other benefits around the environment and health.



Victoria Cork-Black is coordinating the Children’s area at the festival again this year. She attended as a stallholder with her husband’s pop up catering business Holistic Biscuit in 2016 and ran the Children’s area and Teen Zone in 2018. 

Victoria has worked in a wide variety of education settings and is committed to inspiring heartfelt connections between young people and the natural world through experiences, sharing stories and creativity.

She has been vegan since 2015 after many years of ‘on the fence’ vegetarian living and is excited to be part of a movement that has changed her life and the lives of so many beings


Helen Long is our Twitter and Instagram coordinator. Helen has coordinated the festival social justice stall, run children’s activities at the festival and was the Volunteer Coordinator at the festival last year.

Helen has been vegan since 2005. She runs the vegan family website living with warmth


Pete Farrugia is our sound engineer and music compere.

Pete Farrugia has been a vegan for over twenty years, and was a vegetarian for almost all of his previous life, having started to refuse meat almost as soon as he could talk.

Reading books about animal rights by Juliet Gellatley, and vegan nutrition by Dr. Michael Klaper convinced him to become a vegan.

He is a very experienced professional musician, specialising in all kinds of roots music, particularly early soul and blues. He also has a thriving music tuition business, accepting private students in guitar, bass guitar and ukulele.

Louise vegan festival 2019.jpg

Louise Jones is our Volunteer Coordinator. Louise has been vegan since January 2018 and was vegetarian for 10 years before that.

Louise has over 10 years’ experience in coordinating events and theatre performances which included training and supporting teams of volunteers.

Louise is looking forward to becoming actively involved with the Kent Vegan Festival


Nic Wood is our resident geek, and looks after all the techie things on the website and the computer systems we run.

He has been vegan since 2010 and was a veggie for over twenty years.

Nic runs his own IT business as well as Plant Powered Films where he provides FaceBook and YouTube Live events for vegan organisations.