Palm Oil

For clarification, here is our stance on palm oil, as guidance for stallholders and information for visitors. This has been reached following discussions with environmental organisations who are leading campaigns on palm oil and its sustainable production.

Kent Vegan Festival will only accept products containing palm oil from companies recommended by Ethical Consumer, e.g. for margarines: Biona, Suma or Naturli are acceptable.

Environmentalists do not recommend boycotting of palm oil completely because it is an incredibly high-yielding vegetable oil, which means that anything replacing it will have to use more land, which does not solve the issue of deforestation and associated land use change. Palm oil is also a relatively healthy oil, containing no trans or hydrogenated fat.
We recommend that you read, at least, the following for more information about palm oil:

Ethical Consumer: Palm Oil and Consumers

Ethical Consumer Palm Oil Free and Sustainable Palm Oil List

Greenpeace Palm Oil Scorecard

World Wildlife Fund Information on Palm Oil

SPOTT: Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit Information about Palm Oil

Please contact us for more information about our stance on palm oil.

We are keen to keep this discussion open and current, so any other information you have about palm oil and sustainable alternatives please do get in touch or start a discussion on our Facebook page.