Bee’s Mug Shop

Bee’s Mug Shop – Personalised Mugs and other great gifts. The mugs are hand-printed by me in my home studio using a mug press.Since stopping work to look after my son (childcare costs are ridiculous!) I had been trying to think of something that I could do from home. The million-dollar question.
Making personalised mugs came about just googling for months on end, racking my brain ‘what can I make, what can I sell’? when I watched a film on Netflix about 3d printing. This really got me thinking about what I could design and make. A few months later, I decided on mug pressing (kind of randomly) sourced one, bought it and here I am!
I’d never even heard of dye sublimation before. Now I own a sublimation printer with special inks, a mug press & a heat press and spend a lot of time designing and thinking up new mug concepts.

Householdnic wood