Shea-Me™ grew from a personal hobby which started over 5 years ago. Due to my skin type I often found it very difficult to find skin care products on the market which both hydrated and nourished my skin. A friend of mine introduced me to Shea Butter in its natural form. Since then I started making my own creams and thus the idea of Shea-Me™ was created, although it would take five years to become what is today. I started to experiment with different raw Shea Butters on the market in order to perfect my recipe and over time I settled on the Ivory colour natural Shea Butter with no additives.My products were increasingly in demand by friends and family and in late 2015 I decided to turn this hobby into a business and so Shea-Me™ was officially born. I am proud of my commitment to using ethically sourced, organic and pure ingredients that are then 100% hand made into the final body butter on sale. Shea-Me™ is proudly made with love.

Skin and Hair Carenic wood