The Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary and Cafe

The Retreat finds the continued exploitation, abuse, bullying, violence against and murder of animals in today's society totally degrading and unacceptable.

We are pressing for a more enlightened world where humans remember their dignity and show
compassion and love to all others, regardless of sex, race, age, gender, disability or species.

The Retreat has three sites - Crockenhill, Ashford and High Halden. Each site offers specialised care for the animals who we take in. We are a not-for-profit organisation and all the Trustees and most of the volunteers being vegan. All funds raised go to the welfare of the animals, being cared for. We also use the funds for The Retreat's facilities and where possible, animals are re-homed in permanent, loving homes.

The Retreat operates a genuine no-kill policy. Our sites accommodate our main rescue centre and, wildlife hospital to deal with most animal intakes and emergencies, together with our permanent horses, cows and sheep residents.

We now have ample room to care for more animals, our intensive and equine re-homing centre, along with care-for-life wildlife and exotics. The number of animals being cared for by The Retreat

is over 1,000 at any one time.

Sanctuary/Rescuenic wood