Wholefood Earth


Welcome to Wholefood Earth. Your local Vegan, Organic & Raw Store.

We are a small team of like-minded individuals that have set out to create a healthier, more sustainable, more convenient ethical alternative to online food shopping at an affordable price. Our philosophy is to provide Wholefood Earth customers with the following key principles;

  • Affordable healthy wholefood

  • Friendly personal customer services

  • Provide a variety of sustainable and local sourced products

  • Avoid products using toxic pesticides/chemicals

  • Encouraging Community spirit.

Our choices can support or destroy our environment, people’s health and well being, sole traders, local businesses, biodiversity and animal habitats, animal welfare and the list goes on. We believe that more mindful purchasing combined with communal collaboration will be the fastest way to positively build a more sustainable food industry.

We stock healthy whole food, popular vegan branded products, eco friendly cleaning, toiletries, locally made vegan cheeses, chocolates and cakes! We also offer in store refills for our Wholefood Earth products - practicing zero waste.

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