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Plamil is the oldest vegan company in Europe. It made and sold the first plant based milk in Europe in the 1950s (made from cabbage). Soon after it made Europe’s first soya milk.

It also created milk from pea protein (Whitesun). Plamil made the world’s first vegan meat alternative (Sav-ree), the first vegan cheese (Veeze), the first vegan cream (Delice), the first vegan mayonnaise and the first dairy free milky chocolate. Plamil made the first certified Organic chocolate in the UK.

Plamil launched the So free range in 2017. All Plamil chocolate uses certified cocoa (Organic, Fairtrade UTZ or a combination of these) to avoid problems such as child slave labour and bonded labour.

Plamil does not buy from countries with poor human rights records. The Plamil Chocolate Factory in Folkestone is powered by 100% renewable energy.

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