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We are a pop up pizza catering van based in Canterbury, Kent and available for hire. Find us at the 'Kent Vegan Market' on the first Sunday of every month to try our Pizza!

The hot pies that come out of our wood fired oven are made using a wild yeast leaven, inspired by a Sicilian background and using techniques based upon methods used in the book 'Tartine Bread'.

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Monty's Dog Treats

High quality vegan treats for dogs and cats made with seasonal fruits and vegetables and low fat meat substitutes, no added sugar or salt and lactose free.

We bake with a variety of flours -spelt, rye, rice, coconut and wheat to suit all dogs.

Treats baked to order or come and visit us at shows and events throughout the year and pick them out yourselves.

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Mel tropical Kitchen

We specialise in exotic, fresh and raw vegan food, ranging from delicious salad boxes afro-Carribean roti wrap, various of healthy desserts, ie raw Mel pumpkin coconut sweets, beetroot sweets, cacao vanilla sweets, lemon and ginger sweets, mango coconut cakes, vegan lemon cheesecake and chocolate berry cake etc.

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Couple'a veganz

We're just a 'Couple'a Veganz' who want to encourage people to support Veganism through providing delicious & hearty, cruelty-free food.

All of our dishes are freshly prepared & Gluten Free. We also offer some sweet treats that are all Gluten Free and Fair Trade!​

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