Jodie Kent
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My name is Jodie Kent, I’m 39 years old and I live in Folkestone with my two children, aged 10 and 8. Born into a family of animal lovers – but animal consumers- it took me til the age of 18 to make the connection and go vegetarian. At the age of 36, I watched Cowspiracy and my boyfriend and I went vegan overnight.

I’m the co-founder of ‘VeganMe’ (Facebook and Instagram), a platform designed to raise awareness and celebrate the vegan movement. I studied at Canterbury Christchurch University, where I received a First in English and Applied Social Science. I have just finished writing a novel and am taking the next steps towards publication. A keen writer, I have always enjoyed creating short stories and poetry on a wide range of subjects. However, my real passion lies with writing about the plight of animals in this fragile and, often unsavoury, world.

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