Jules Madjar


Jules Madjar is somewhat of an eclectic multi-instrumentalist; having played saxophone, piano, doublebass and guitar in a variety of locals bands of different styles, among others he has played Saxophone for Dulcie May, Ben Russell & The Charmers, and Lapis Lazuli; been House Musician for the Bramleys Blues and Jazz jams, Pianist at the Shakespeare & La Trappiste, Bassist for Sophie Zhakata; directed the Whitstable Fantasy Orchestra and currently plays doublebass in the Meg Janaway Band and keys/sax in The Pinocchios, and plays as a Medieval Troubadour in This Turbulent Priest, a Bad Husky Productions historical play about Thomas Becket and King Henry the IInd.

Also, an Events Organiser and Sound Technician; he co-ran the Bramleys Jam Sessions and various Open Mics, Street Party Music Pop-up stages; various Open Mics and managed the Kent Vegan Festival Music stage for three years running. This year, however, he will be performing on the Festival stage as a musician, and also plays regularly at the Kent Vegan Market.

Recently experimenting with a loop pedal and guitar he has developed an Instrumental solo set; combining a medley of Jazz, Folk, Classical, Blues Gypsy Jazz, Bossa Nova and Traditional tunes partly based on his and Joshua Jack Lambert Price's Houdini's Hat material; but played in his own improvised style; creating an atmospheric blend of music of diverse origins and styles.

Jules has been vegan for the best part of 18 years, initially becoming so primarily for Animal Rights / ethical reasons; only later learning of the ecological and health benefits of the lifestyle. In that time, he has been a demonstrator; hunt saboteur, fundraiser and volunteer in vegan outreach events such as the Kent Vegan Festival.

You can visit his Facebook page, catch up with him on Instagram or watch him on YouTube