Tischa Kent


Tischa's music is quite varied from Pop-rock to Soul and has some Native American influence in some of the songs.

Most of her songs are about the freedom to express ourselves, but also about standing up for one's right (Soul of a Rebel), love and spiritual search through nature.
Tischa uses her music as a way to contribute to a change such as respect of animals, homeless and injustice but also to express her feelings about her vision of the world and love.

Tischa is a singer-songwriter based in Canterbury but originally from the South of France. She regularly plays and busks around Kent and in festivals. Everytime she writes a song there is a deep meaningful message that she wants to convey to challenge people's perspective of the world but also to express her true feelings.

Tischa transitioned from vegetarian to vegan 3 years ago because she wanted to fully contribute to a change to save animals' lives and improve their wellbeing. Vegan foods also have a higher vibration to her and she prefers consuming foods with beautiful energy. Tischa has been very sensitive to animal rights since childhood and she wished veganism was as widespread then as it is now. She is glad we are finally moving in the right direction!

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