I’m vegan because…

Everyone has had a different journey to bring them to veganism.

Here are some stories from fellow vegans…

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I was a ‘normal’ meat eater until one day I was due to make a chicken dinner and I realised that the chicken I was about to eat had been a living creature, and I became vegetarian that day and lasted for around twenty years or so, I just said I don’t want to eat any animals but didn’t mind wearing them. One day I read the T. Colin Campbell book ‘The China Study’ and it all changed again for me, and I realised my beliefs and my actions were not the same. I thought of myself as an animal lover, but my actions in consuming dairy and wearing leather shoes, didn’t backup my beliefs. I saw the pain and suffering that goes on in the dairy industry, and realised the huge health benefits of plant based whole foods and realised that vegetarianism just wasn’t enough. Ive been a vegan advocate for a number of years and with the huge environmental impact that animal agriculture has on our planet I cannot see any other way forward than veganism and plant based foods - Nic Wood

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As far back as I can remember I wasn’t very keen on eating meat. I was asking about where my food had come from at about the age of 4. It wasn’t until I was 16 though that I became vegetarian. I had been asking for signatures against the practice of boiling cats and dogs alive for food in Korea. Someone pointed out to me that what happens to animals for meat in this country is no different. It’s just our attitude towards cats and dogs that makes it abhorrent. I never ate an animal again – that was over 30 years ago.

I went vegan over 11 years ago after realising how cruel the dairy and egg industries are. Although I went vegan for ethical reasons, I’ve become increasingly interested in the health benefits of a wholefood plant-based vegan diet. So much so that I have retrained as a nutritional adviser and now run Zest Health, where I help people reach and maintain their healthy weight using plant-based nutrition and by changing their relationship with food and exercise. – Coral Sirett