Tor Bailey - Campaign Manager Farming & Slaughter Animal Aid

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Animal Aid was established in 1977 to campaign peacefully against all animal abuse. A large part of this involves undercover investigations into factory farms, slaughterhouses, captive reindeer centres and ‘game’ bird farms. Animal Aid’s investigations have resulted in widespread media coverage, revealing the shocking truth about how animals are treated on modern-day British farms and inside slaughterhouses. As a result, thousands upon thousands of people have realised the truth about the cruelty of UK animal farming.'

Tor Bailey, Campaign Manager for Animal Aid. I campaign specifically for farmed animals as I feel they really are the bottom of the heap and they are used and abused in their billions and simply dismissed as ‘food animals’. Tor will talk about the Animal Aid’s groundbreaking investigations work, in particular at slaughterhouses, which has brought to light and challenged some horrendous everyday abuse and lawbreaking. Evidence of which, has resulted in extensive media coverage, the introduction of mandatory CCTV cameras in England and Scotland as well as workers losing their slaughter licences and being prosecuted. Quite aside from inspiring many to adopt a vegan lifestyle as the very best way to remove oneself from this nasty equation. This footage has been shared countless times and we have taken the compilation film ‘Dare You Watch’ out on the road as part of our vegan outreach work. After all, if slaughterhouses had glass walls ...

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