VeTribe (George and Sarah Choy)

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5 tips to go Vegan for your Health

Like many others, we have tried a lot of diets over the years to lose weight, most of them focused on the importance of meat…and we ate a lot of it. When we decided to go Vegan we had almost nobody to turn to. We didn’t know simple things such as what to buy, what to eat, or how to cook Vegan food. We were really concerned about not getting in enough protein, losing muscle, and also being nutritionally deficient. We had been following a low carb diet and had major concerns about getting fat by eating large amounts of carbohydrates.

We will tell you our story and what we learned transitioning the whole family; our own medical journeys and how we dramatically and quickly reduced our symptoms and improved our health.

Learn the basic steps you can take to transition to a Vegan/Whole Food Plant Based diet. Which shortcuts you can take, how to avoid the pitfalls and how much protein you really need. How you can prepare quick, easy and tasty meals (and cheaply too!).

Get an overview of how you can help to improve your health yourself, quickly and painlessly – without sacrificing flavour or feeling hungry

George’s Story

Before beginning a Vegan Whole Food Diet I’d always been a heavy meat eater. My blood pressure was always right on the border of low hypertension. My cholesterol was high and my testosterone was nearer the lower end for my age. My face was slightly puffy, but I just put this down to my genetics. It was around this time that I was looking for an alternative to lifting weights that I could do at home, and I discovered Calisthenics. I loved it! I qualified as a Personal Trainer, so I help others to get stronger too. But my gym workouts were suffering—it was taking me longer and longer to recover between workouts. I put it down to my age.

How wrong I was. When I changed to a Vegan diet, all of these things improved within a few months. Some with results that I never could have imagined was possible.

Sarah’s Story

I had been a little overweight since my teens, always having a sweet tooth and never saying no to dessert. Things really changed for me in my twenties when unhappiness at work led me to “treat” myself with sweets and biscuits — until it had descended into a full Binge Eating disorder. I gained a couple of stone, and although I managed to shift it for my wedding using extreme dieting I put it back on and the cycles got worse into my 30’s and early motherhood. I tried many diets and types of exercise — but nothing helped with the cravings.

I discovered a way of eating that was game-changing for me, and later took it further and became Vegan/Whole food. My weight came off (I lost about 4 stone), and I have maintained for two years now.

My energy is better. Symptoms of health problems have disappeared, I have control over my cravings and I feel fitter and healthier than I have ever been since childhood. I am happier. I am driven to help people become the best versions of themselves, and I have learned that so much of our health and mental wellbeing is entirely down to what we eat