Kent Vegan Festival Application Form 2020

This is only for bookings for the annual festival. If you would like to book a stall for the monthly market please email Jo Kidd.

Please note that all requested documents MUST be submitted with your application.
Applications without the relevant supporting documentation will not be considered.
Please ensure you have answered ALL the questions.


Please read these carefully and double check that you meet all of them.
Please note that we aim to be an ethical, vegan festival that is also human-friendly and planet-friendly, with the aim of having the lowest negative impact possible and of demonstrating how humans are inextricably part of nature, not separate to it.

• Only 100% vegan businesses, vegan owners and stallholders.
• No single-use plastic, plastic carrier bags, plastic straws, plastic bottles and other plastic packaging (including bio-plastics which still contain a % of petroleum-derived plastic). Also, no cellophane please (due to the toxicity involved in its production and the fact that it looks like plastic so often ends up contaminating the recycling stream).
• If your products contain palm oil, it must only be from companies recommended (best buys) by Ethical Consumer. See here for more details: For example, for margarines, Biona, Suma and Naturli are OK.
• Only fairly-traded ingredients/raw materials (where appropriate – i.e. that applies to all products which are sourced from economically-exploited (so-called ‘developing’) countries, including sugar, tea, coffee, coconut, cacao, tropical fruit, nuts, cotton etc).
• No ‘accidentally vegan’ chocolate products i.e. those which have the labelling ‘may contain traces of milk, eggs etc’ as this means that they will most certainly contain non-vegan ingredients and are made by companies which profit from the exploitation of animals.
• No products from companies included on the Ethical Consumer Boycott list ( – or from companies which otherwise exploit animals (including humans) or harm the Earth. For example, Nestle, Unilever, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Kraft, Mars, Mondelez, any agrochemical or biotech company or any pharmaceutical company.
• No diesel generators or gas cylinders.

For tips on how to get the most out of the day, see our stallholder tips page

Stall pricing, can be found on the booking form.

If you are an indoor stallholder, please state your preferred location (orange or blue zone) your tables will be allocated in order of paid booking.

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